“In September of 2021, my dog Carol and I were fortunate to meet John of Confetti Dogs and our lives are much better for it. Since the first meeting in western Maryland my anxiety around not being the best dog parent that I could be melted away. Johns’s approach is compassionate and Carol warmed up to him right away. I say this first because in the past Carol has been really afraid of men due to past trauma. She wasn’t jumping all over him so to speak but he knew what to do and gave me proper advice on how to handle our first meeting. Not only is john good with our furry children he is gentle and firm with us humans. That is really what needs to happen to start with us to allow space to grow with confidence so our dogs can feel that within themselves. Carol and I always had trouble walking in parks around people and other dogs and now with the e collar and prong (both things I never wanted to do but now see how wonderfully safe they are), we can easily be in any situation that unfolds. Also, I have complete confidence in myself and in Carol and this has created an even stronger bond between us. John also has dedicated time to talk with me and spend alone time with Carol so we tighten all the curriculum for her to be safe and confident at our home on a farm and within other spaces ( we travel around a lot and this has been a godsend). Confetti Dogs has created an opportunity here in Maryland for people to have a safe and comfortable training experience. Deep gratitude for the guidance, support, and compassion that Confetti Dogs has shown us.”