Who is best served by the “SAFE, RESPECTFUL, and FREE DOG” program?

Confetti Dogs is a trusted dog trainer offering private dog training in Frederick MD and surrounding areas. This program is for people who are genuinely struggling with their adult dog or young dog’s behavior and who have tried all kinds of training and nothing is really working. These clients often have safety concerns due to their dog’s behavior. We can work with small to extra large dogs in this program. It is also an extremely helpful program for people who are wanting to be wildly successful in laying a solid foundation for the dog’s future even if the dog hasn’t yet developed unsafe / harmful behaviors. Let’s be proactive!

For in-home / in-person dog and puppy training, we serve all areas within 1 hour drive. Our virtual puppy training is completely online, therefore can be completed from any distance. Schedule a brief phone call or a FREE in-home evaluation to get started. Ready to chat now? Give me a call or send me a text at 240-587-5020

What can a Confetti Dogs Personalized Training Program address?

In the personalized training programs I design for each client, we address any & all of the challenges listed below in young and adult dogs as needed. There are some things that almost ALL of the dogs I work with need help with, and there are some things that only some of the dogs need help with. So that is why I design specific plans. 
  • Leash pulling / bad manners on walks
  • Dog / children interaction
  • Dog / Dog interaction
  • Getting loose / running away /  off-leash
  • Barking, growling, nipping, biting
  • Lunging / barking at other dogs, people, squirrels, bikes, cars, etc…
  • Bad manners in the home (jumping up, getting into trash, “counter-surfing”, barking, chewing on furniture, lack of respect for kids / elderly, resource guarding, etc.

What is included in a Confetti Dogs Personalized Training Program?

A Confetti Dogs Personalized Training Program includes ALL of the following:
  • 4-7 Weeks of personalized 1 on 1 training sessions in the client’s home / neighborhood (either 1 longer session per week OR 2 shorter sessions per week)
  • Guidance & Practice for the overall Ebb & Flow of Daily Life with your dog
  • Foundational System of Communication with your dog leading to future success.
  • Necessary training supplies based on the Training Plan that I design for your dog (some examples: Raised Training Cot, new leash, Various Training Collars, Long lines, Various Toys that may help in training, etc…etc…)
  • Brief helpful videos sent throughout the training program that help move the training forward according to the needs of the client / dog.
  • Free group classes (twice a month for 1 year) beginning the week after you successfully complete the program!
  • Highly Specific Long Term Support for 1 year (by way of 1 Free 30 minute session a month from the following choices: In-Home Tune-Up Session, Practice Walk, Practice Store / Pet Store Visit, Practice Vet Visit, Zoom Call)
  • General Long-Term Support for the life of your dog (via text, call, email, etc…)

How much does a Personalized Training Program cost?

As you may expect, pricing varies according to the dog/client’s needs and the severity of the issues we will be working through. There is an overall flow and pattern to my system, but depending on the dog’s needs and the client’s goals, more support may be needed throughout the process. To communicate clearly, however, I would say that you should probably expect to pay anywhere from $1300 – $2000 for this training program and all that it offers. Most clients pay half of our agreed upon price when we begin training and the other half upon completion of the program. However, beyond that…if a different payment plan would be helpful for you, I am more than happy to work together with you to come up with an alternate payment plan option (as I mention on the FAQ page).

Private Dog Training in the Comfort of Home


Private Dog & Puppy Training in Frederick, MD

Confetti Dogs is proud to be a successful in-home dog trainer offering private dog training in Frederick MD and surrounding areas. We also offer a In-home puppy training, and online virtual puppy training.

We serve dogs, owners, and their families in all of Frederick MD and surrounding areas, including Urbana, Middletown, Myersville, Brunswick, New Market, Mt. Airy, Germantown, Gaithersburg, Potomac, Leesburg, VA and more. For in-home / in-person training, we serve all areas within 1 hour drive, and any distance for online-virtual puppy training.

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