This program is for you if you already have a puppy younger than 6 months and are having a pretty difficult time! It’s also for you if you are planning on getting a puppy very soon and when you do, you want to get started on the right track! With this program we can serve you locally in and all around Frederick, MD. If you live within about an hour or less from Frederick contact Confetti Dogs for quality dog / puppy obedience training. 

For in-home / in-person dog and puppy training, we serve all areas within 1 hour drive. Our virtual puppy training is completely online, therefore can be completed from any distance. Schedule a brief phone call or a FREE in-home evaluation to get started. Ready to chat now? Give me a call or send me a text at 240-587-5020

What does our In-Home Puppy Training “CONFETTI PUPPIES PROGRAM” address?

“Confetti Puppies Program” offers trusted in-home puppy training in Frederick MD and surrounding areas. In this program we work with our clients to lay a solid foundation and communication system for their puppy. In addition, this program addresses puppy development stages and what to expect during those times. We come up with a plan for long-term success, as well as specifics, such as: puppy nipping / biting, potty training, crate training, obedience, communication system, exposure to new and many environments, prep for vet visits, etc…

To summarize, we focus on developing a clear understanding of the big picture of dog ownership while addressing some important specific challenges that many puppy owners face, giving you the confidence to raise a puppy who becomes an enriching part of the family!

What is included in our In-Home Puppy Training “CONFETTI PUPPIES PROGRAM”?

Our In-home puppy training in Frederick MD Includes:
  • 3-4 In-Home Training Sessions of personalized 1 on 1 training sessions (1 meeting per week)
  • 1 or 2 brief mid-week sessions throughout the entire process (just Trainer and Puppy) (1 or 2 times total…not each week)
  • Brief presentations discussing important concepts
  • Foundational System of Communication with your puppy leading to future success
  • Brief instructional videos shared throughout the weeks that help move the training forward according to the needs of the client / puppy. 
  • Support for you and your puppy for all concepts covered during the Confetti Puppy Program (via text, call, email, etc…) However, for more advanced training as your dog gets older…we would then move to the “SAFE, RESPECTFUL, and FREE DOG” Option when your puppy is 6 months or older.

How much does the “CONFETTI PUPPIES PROGRAM” cost?

As you may expect, pricing varies according to the puppy/client’s needs. There is an overall flow to my system, but depending on the dog’s needs and the client’s goals, more support may be needed throughout the process. To communicate clearly, however, I would say that you should probably expect to pay anywhere from $600-800 for this personalized virtual training program and all that it offers. Most clients pay half of our agreed upon price when we begin training and the other half upon completion of the program. However, beyond that…if you need a different payment plan, we can discuss that on an individual basis (as I mentioned on the FAQ page). 
Dog being trained outside at their home.

Private, In-Home Puppy Training in Frederick MD


Confetti Dogs is proud to be an experienced puppy trainer in Frederick MD. We also offer a In-home dog training, and virtual puppy training in Frederick MD and surrounding areas.

We serve dogs, owners, and their families in all of Frederick MD and surrounding areas, including Urbana, Middletown, Myersville, Brunswick, New Market, Mt. Airy, Germantown, Gaithersburg, Potomac, Leesburg VA and more. For in-home / in-person training, we serve all areas within 1 hour drive, and any distance for online-virtual puppy training.

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