“Before Nala started her training with John she used to jump to people and to my grandkids when they came to visit, jumped on the sofa, and pulled very hard those who walk her during her walkings. This was the main reason why I contacted John. Also she wasn’t able to calm down when I received visits and used to get very close to them when eating time arrived forcing us to put her in her cage. She was able to follow the command sit and stay but not for long and wasn’t able to follow other commands such as place, down, stay, etc like she does now. Now Nala is able to follow more than those commands, stay for long periods of time, people can eat around her without her touching their plates. Not jumping in people as much as she used to, and the pulling has improved way better. She even understand the concept of place and does it automatically. She is now able to stay around my visitors without being such a space invader. John was always willing to answer all our questions, gave us homework to practice during the week for the next session, very patient with Nala and would check in on Nala during the week to see how she was doing at home. The results of these training sessions exceed my expectations and I would recommend him 100%. Thank you John for everything you did for Nala and our family!”